VIDEO: How to Empower Yourself through Advocacy: An Interview with Brandon Farbstein - Compassion Beyond Borders

Brandon Farbstein has found a way to harness his experiences to empower others to create change in the world. Instrumental in passing anti-bullying legislation and a champion of spreading positivity through social media, Brandon shares what motivates him to continue his work in advocacy.

A Little Person with Huge Ideas (Living with Dwarfism)

Brandon is diagnosed with rare form of dwarfism known as metatropic dysplasia. At 18 years old he is 45 inches tall. After experiencing bullying Brandon made...

Inspire: Virginia teen stands 3'9" but says he feels 'Ten Feet Tall'

Brandon Farbstein, 19 acclaimed speaker and author of Ten Feet Tall, at one of his speaking engagements.

Bullied teen turned advocate inspires family life education legislation

"My hope for this bill is that it serves as a catalyst to plant some type of seed, whether it is that empathy factor or it's just teaching children how to be a good person," said Brandon Farbstein, the 18 year old professional speaker who was the inspiration behind this legislation.

Va. Gov. Signs Anti-Bullying, Suicide Prevention Legislation

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed anti-bullying and suicide prevention legislation brought forth from Brandon Farbstein, a Virginia teen who tells us his story of severe bullying.

'I'm Meant to Make a Difference for Somebody'

The young man sitting across the table from me inside Alchemy Coffee is an old soul whose bearing belies his mere 17 years on the planet. When he speaks, his baritone voice is laced with an insight it usually takes years to earn, and he looks me straight in the eye – not nervous, not shy.

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Brandon Farbstein doesn't let dwarfism get in the way of big dreams

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — Brandon Farbstein thrives under tight deadlines. The sophomore delivers his high school’s morning reports at 9 a.m. sharp. The anchor desk a place where he feels most comfortable. This 16-year old intends to make television history. “Since I was about 11 years old I wanted to go into journalism,” Brandon said.

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Richmond-area teen reflects on TEDxRVA experience

TEDxRVA takes center stage at the Carpenter Theatre on Friday. The popular event features a variety of speakers from all over the country, inspiring members of the audience and helping them change the way they see the world. However, for one Richmond-area teenager, his experience at TEDxRVA changed his own life.

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Brandon Farbstein - Endless Opportunities in Richmond

Kelli’s at Pop’s to have coffee with Brandon Farbstein. Brandon’s the kid who gave a Ted talk at 15 years old, then within the same year he was named to Style Weekly’s 40 Under 40 .

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15-year-old motivational speaker with dwarfism is Positively Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – When you see Brandon Farbstein in a crowd, his energy and message are magnetic. “I want people not to close themselves to their differences. Embrace them and be who you are and stop hiding yourself. The world will love you,” the 15-year-old motivational speaker and performer explains.

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