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Brandon FarbsteinBeyond Words

Brandon is an 18 year old thought-provoking, motivational change-maker who’s life’s mission is to inspire, innovate and impact the world around him.

 Launching Summer 2017, Brandon Farbstein presents Beyond Words.  This motivational presentation is built to fit a wide variety of audiences from corporate functions and Fortune 500 CEOs to conventions and community gatherings of all shapes and sizes.  Beyond Words will leave everyone in your audience feeling empowered and ready to take action. 


EMAIL: mgmt@brandonfarbstein.com


“My life’s mission, each and every day, is to inspire, innovate and impact.” – Brandon Farbstein  


















“It’s rare that someone inspires you as much as Brandon does. To have achieved so much at such a young age should serve as a perfect example to young people and people in general that you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it.

If you get a chance to connect with Brandon, I highly recommended it.” 

Tom Osman, Founder , Growthappy